WMWM 设计师Mushroom Song的创作历程是从服装材料本身及其讲究的剪裁出发,一方面思考服装可被不同经历人自身穿着并赋予的意义。另一方面去探索中性气息中平衡与独特的性感。WMWM所呈现的视感,像空气一样安静,平静之中也可捕捉到微妙的趣味。

Designer Mushroom Song’s journey of creation starts from the material itself and exquisite cutting process. On the one hand, she tries to express the special meaning that each wearer renders to his/her clothes; on the other hand, she explores the balance and unique sex appeal within androgynous features. The feeling delivered by WMWM is tranquility like the air, with an implication of a subtle touch of fun.