SHUSHU/TONG 由两位90后设计师SHUSHU和TONG建立,他们毕业于伦敦时装学院女装设计研究生课程,曾在独立设计师品牌Simone Rocha和Gareth Pugh实习。先后受教于上海和伦敦两座时尚都市,将熟悉的传统中国美学和伦敦街头文化解构重组。在充满自我追求的审美在中西方文化的重叠交融下,新鲜的设计灵感,精细工艺和特殊面料, 多元特质,呈现出他们眼中的街头新女孩。

The two designers of SHUSHU/TONG Studio are both born after 1990s, who deconstruct traditional Chinese aesthetics and combine it with London street culture in the brand. Through the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures and driven by the sense of aesthetics in the light of self-realization , they explore a distinctive style of design inspiration from elements that were not heard of before. Combined with exquisite techniques and special fabrics, the brand demonstrates multi-facet untraditional feminine characteristics and brings a new high street girl to you.