MIXOLOGY由设计师梦曦-MIXOLOGY 于2013年创立。名字如此,除了取自设计师本人名字的谐音外,更重要的是因为在她看来所有的设计其实都是“the Art of Mixing”,而这种理念也反映在她的设计上。各种材质,颜色的碰撞是基本表现形式,功能主义和戏剧性的完美结合才是她最终想要传达的设计理念。

MIXOLOGY was founded by designer Cao Mengxi in 2013. The name of the brand has a similar pronunciation with that of the designer’s name and most importantly, the brand itself is imbued with the “Art of Mixing”, reflected in each piece of design works. The mix matching of various materials and colors are the basic expression while the ultimate design principle the designer intends to convey is the perfect combination of functionalism and drama.