BLACK-BRIDGE 是由设计师白莫媞、吴笛和刘斌于2012年创立的。BLACK BRIDGE的创作灵感来源于文艺复兴。BLACK BRIDGE的设计不跟随流行,其强调了复兴哥特风格和复兴中世纪的行会精神,坚持“诚实”的设计,在设计理念上追求古典;并且强调了复兴哥特时期的精神,黑暗、神秘、以及隐匿的感情。

Black Bridge derives inspiration of creation from the Renaissance and the bold innovation and experimental spirit of Renaissance artists, which embodies a promising motivation in modern times. Instead of keeping up with the trend, it draws inspiration from classical art and pays tribute to the masters during the early phase of Renaissance. The brand emphasizes reviving gothic style and the guild spirit of the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, it insists on “Genuine" design and favor classical style in design philosophy, removing any popular, industrial or mechanical trait. By infusing art and technique, Black Bridge tries to establish its own signature style inspired by nature and gothic culture.