LU YANG 作品融合极简主义的设计理念,设计师杨露LUYANG 将功能性与极简美学的融合作为设计出发点,以达成有品质的设计与优良的着衣舒适度。设计作品以几何线条等空间基本元素作为设计的核心结构,摒除一切冗余装饰,以整体结构的细节趣味充实设计的完整度。

Inspired by the designer Yang Lu for contemporary thinking and exploration. Abstract animal elements, representing the connection between man and nature. In the intricate, ever-changing urban jungle, everyone has their own characteristics to the advantage, to make themselves in this huge environment to better survive. But at the same time, the increasingly accelerated pace of life and great work pressure, always let the people living in which forget the self, gradually numb and slow. Designers want to use strong colors, abstract graphics to express the concern of modern human beings, I hope people in a hurry can be more concerned about their own heart, to stay pure and the beginning of the heart. At the same time more passionate and creative, with passion to ignite life, so dull daily more interesting and beautiful.