Kotipesä 是芬兰语中的“家”和“巢”。Kotipesä是“爱与生活方式”引导女性内心自我对话的地方。 他们的简约,轻声的设计旨在表达女人的优雅和女性气质。与此同时,他们用更柔软的材料来抵制更多阳刚的线条,以表达女人的意志和个性。在Kotipesä,他们从天然,安全和可循环使用的材料开始,为您量身定制有趣,有趣和简约的服装,随时随地穿着。

Kotipesä is the Finnish word for “home” and “nest.”  Kotipesä is where "love and lifestyle" guides the dialogue in a woman’s inner self. Their minimalist, soft-spoken designs aim to express a woman’s elegance and femininity. At the same time they counterbalance more masculine lines with softer materials to convey a woman’s will and personality. Here at Kotipesä, they start with natural, safe, and recycle-able materials to tailor fun, interesting and minimalist clothing that you can wear on any occasion.