2016年的SS,CLAVE希望拓展全球市场,并在创作中增加一些有趣的想法。 CLAVE将强调深海环境,各种物种将在黑暗环境中发出荧光。此外,深海鱼类奇异而美妙的形状非常有吸引力,并基于这些鱼类的壮观线条创造出高跟鞋的独特设计。

For the 2016 SS, they hope to expand their global market and add some funny ideas in creation.  CLAVE will emphasize the deep-sea environment, where all sorts of species will let out fluorescent light in the dark surroundings. Also, the strange yet wonderful shapes of deep-sea fish are very attractive and creates unique designs for high-heels based on the spectacular lines of these species of fish.