Athena Chuang

Athena Chuang希望创造的女孩是优雅知性却难以定义的,品牌每季的作品中,都带着集合东方古典优雅与西方当代潮流的独特美感。Athena热爱翻玩过去与未来、东方与西方、甜美与黑暗,借由对比元素的结合打开人们的想象,提供一种对现实的全新理解。

Athena Chuang is a Taiwanese Women's wear brand. Imaginative characters and hypothetical situations are always inspirations of their collections. By combining contrast elements, they want to broaden people's imagination and propose a fresh comprehension of reality. Though the theme of their collections vary every season,but combines oriental elegance and European modernity, continues through out their collections. With a special attention to material and details, Athena wants to provide a delicate yet playful world to those who always lives in imaginations, just as herself.