Yvonne Montrone

Yvonne Montrone 是一个面向所有女性,帮助女人找回自我的优雅,自信和性感的时装品牌。品牌将当代的、前卫的、高街的元素混合起来,让女性时刻准备从人群中脱颖而出。另外,品牌非常擅长采用高品质的或者新兴的材料,以不可思议的光滑纹理构筑与众不同的奢华外观。

yvonne montrone is a fashion brand that is for all female, helping them to regain their elegance, confidence and sexiness. The brand mixes modern, vanguard and high street elements, enabling the female to stand out from the crowds. In addition, the brand excels at using quality or emerging materials to build extraordinary luxury outlook of incredible smooth texture.