YUZZO LONDON先后创立于伦敦和北京,融合东方美学与西式浪漫的女装品牌。忠于内在精神的传递和中西美的结合,积淀时装“穿着思维”的精神并展现千禧一代开放又内敛的美学态度,在探索和实验性的国际化潮流背后仍然坚守鲜明的民族文化态度,留存本土DNA精神内核。素材和灵感多取自于世界宗教,传统艺术手工艺,自然植物与建筑空间。YUZZO秉持着艺术家思维和气质的现代派务实者的穿衣理念,穿于女性,表达女性,在典型女人味里裹着“第三性别”的概念和特征:自由,舒适,浪漫,且刚柔并济。完善自我个体的品味和形象。展现出“永恒中藏经典,优雅中带浪漫”从内外兼修与个人需求的平衡中重新定义新时代背景下的女性主义。


YUZZO LONDON is the first women's fashion brand integrating oriental aesthetics and western romance, Founded by Beijing Yu Zi Fashion International Trade Co., Ltd in London and Beijing successively.  Loyal to transmitting internal spirit and combining the Chinese and western aesthetics, YUZZO accumulates the fashion spirit of "thinking for dressing " and shows the open and introverted aesthetic attitude of the millennial generation, insists on the distinctive national cultural attitude while exploring and experimenting international trend, and retains the internal core of the local DNA spirit. The design materials and inspiration mostly come from various religions, traditional arts and crafts, natural plants, and architectural spaces in the world. 

YUZZO adheres to the thinking and temperament of artists and also dressing concept of modernist pragmatists. In typical femininity, products are accompanied with the concept and characteristics of the Third Gender, which represents freedom, comfort, romance, and combination of rigidity and flexibility. They improve the taste and image of individual persons, show the eternality in classics and also elegance inside romance, and redefine feminism in the new era from the balance of internal and external cultivation and personal needs as well.