YMOYNOT 品牌致力为一群“敢于挑战、敢于尝试,对质量生活充满追求和向往”,走在时尚前沿的当代年轻人提供自然、个性的衣服,借以表达他们相似的价值观和生活态度。YNOT的衣服风格刚柔兼具,以轻松畅快的手法和明亮经典的色彩组合,为都市年轻人营造简单、率性、轻松的着装。材料则大量采用天然材质的棉,麻,羊毛以及真丝等,为穿着提供最舒适的穿着感受。

YNOT is a brand jointly founded by a master Asian designing talent, aiming to explore the Eastern wisdom and integrate it into fashion design to express the Eastern fashion esthetics that breaks conventions. The fashion design fully puts the beauty of material and texture into play, expanding the fashion concept externally. YNOT not only provides natural and individual fashion to modern youth that are after the fashion trend, moreover, it provides a platform that gathers Eastern design and young blood in creativity.