X.Q.ZHANG 定位于高级定制及高级成衣。低调,优雅,现代是品牌的DNA。其设计风格一贯崇尚刚与柔的结合及呼应。简洁,立体的括型搭配别出心裁的细节,质感皮革搭配柔美的真丝,硬朗的外套搭配富有垂感立裁的晚装都是品牌设计中常见的组合。

X.Q.ZHANG positions itself as a brand for high-end tailored fashion. Low-key, elegance and modernism are its DNA. The design style advocates for the mixture and complementary effect of the hard and the soft. Common combinations of the brand include simple and tridimensional shape matched with creative details, textured leather matched with soft silk, as well hard coat matched with evening dress rich in drape effect.