UOOYAA 是一个充满了艺术感和想象力的创意品牌,以充满玩味的设计方式表达当下年轻人自己的生活态度。将简洁实穿的廓形和充满想象力的平面进行结合,加上独到的面料选择和工艺设计,从而让每一件衣服都兼具时尚、个性和高度实穿性。

UOOYAA is gift for a daughter, who is always spoiled by her father. UOOYAA’s status is the way its founder picture his daughter when she grows up, which is genuine and kind, confident and independent, with fashion taste, a little bit playful and naughty, loves music and art and books, as well as little harmless pranks.