UNMENTIONED 致力于为喜欢艺术,追求品质的女性提供艺术个性的穿衣体验。设计师在设计手法上擅长运用几何线条的分割以及空间感的塑造,同时又注重整体廓形和局部细节的比例,以及大面积色块的冲撞和对比,以达到品牌形象在整体视觉效果上的艺术感体现。

UNMENTIONED is committed to providing wearing experience to females that love art and look after quality. The designer is good at segmentation of geometric lines and shaping of space sense in designing. Attentive to the proportion of overall outline and local details, the designer also focus on collision and contrast of large scale color blocks, in efforts to realize the expression of the brand image in overall visual effect.