TNC(TheNewClassic)成立于2013年7月,由旅美服装设计师陈佳伦小姐与毕业于Central Saint Martins College Textile Design 专业的张家骏先生共同创立。New代表着拒绝复制已有设计,推陈出新,创造新经典的理念;Classic代表着集结全球新锐优秀设计力量,并用全新思路的原创作品制造属于大众的流行经典。设计风格优雅而前卫,注重服装设计的原创精神。设计师善于将印花元素与现代简约设计巧妙的结合在一起,创造出一种精致并且经典的设计风格。设计师认为面料是影响服装设计的关键所在,因此对面料的运用有着独特的见解,并且每一季是由设计师亲自操刀设计的另类印花面料。

TNC(The New Classic) was founded in 2013. The design style of the brand is vanguard and elegant, focusing on the originality of clothes design. The designer excels at mixing together the print element and modern simple design to create a sophisticated and classic style. The designer believes that fabric is the key to fashion design, as thus he has a peculiar insight into the use of fabrics. Printed fabric of each season is also from designers’ own hands.