TÉNOS 任蓉蓉的独立设计师品牌其精髓在于敢于面对生活中的黑暗与挫折、始终保持坚强而独立的个性。因此在色彩运用上偏灰暗色系,并进行单一色彩的拼接组合。 款式上注重剪裁、并在简单中突出细节。没有琐碎多余的拼凑,表达了品牌对独立女性坚强却具性感魅力的推崇。

TÉNOS means independent and strong in Latin originally. TÉNOS in French reflects a process that develops from nothing, a life power from darkness to brightness. The essence that TÉNOS is after is to face up to the dark side and setbacks in life and keep a strong and independent personal character, which is also the deep meaning that the brand tries to convey.