S.X.L 品牌的创意是时髦,个性。强调个人意识,以及个性化的精神世界。适合具有个性、坚定信念和独特美感的年轻人。他们自由自在地生活,有自我约束的认知,是创新的,在于享受物质财富,也崇拜精神体验,也是社会的榜样,同时也是新思想的创造者和守护者。

The brand has its ideas, it is trendy and with characters. It attends to personal awareness and pays attention to personalized spiritual world. It suits young people that have well-established personal character, firm values and peculiar sense of esthetics. These people live freely and have conscience for self-constrain. They are innovative; enjoy the material richness but worship spiritual experience. They are good examples for the society, and they are at the same time, creators and guardians of new ideas.