SWIMS 来自挪威的橡胶鞋品牌SWIMS为现代套鞋提供了完美的时尚方案。爱鞋的人们大可不必为雨水烦恼了。鞋身材质主要选取橡胶、EVA材质,防水透气,再加上防滑的无痕天然橡胶鞋底以及具有通风、透气尼龙网面包裹脚面,让行走变得舒适。穿上SWIMS,既不失你时尚的敏锐度,又充满机能性。

SWIMS is a brand of rubber shoes from Norway, providing a perfect fashion solution to modern overshoes. Shoes loving people now don’t have to worry about rain anymore. An EVA midsole provides the function of waterproof and ventilation While anti-slippery rubber sole and ventilating nylon mesh upper makes walk more comfortable. With SWIMS on your feet, you have both sensitivity of fashion and robust moving functionality.