SUPERTHANKS 品牌2011年创立于东京。SUPER THANKS=最真挚的感谢,是将“感谢”具象化的新锐品牌,送给不懈努力中的自己和自己最珍视的人们。设计风格采用基本款搭配独特有趣的小细节,每款衣服都附赠特制精美包装盒,盒子背面可根据赠送的心情和目的勾选,颇有特色。

SUPERTHANKS brand was founded in Tokyo in 2011. SUPER THANKS means genuine thanks. The new brand put thanks in reified forms: giving thanks to yourself and those you hold dear. The design style is basic version added by peculiar details. Each type of clothes comes with an exquisite packing box. On the back of the box, you are allowed to tick off specific items based on your moods or gift-sending purposes. It’s one of the features of the brand.