Skin Art Series

Skin Art Series  2009年,一个绝妙的主意已经诞生给出实验医生和他的团队研究计划的结果。Skin art series正式成立于2013年最初意在追求生产过程中的独特技能,以实现执行艺术融入生产的利用程序。新赛季“沉默的艺术”将在寂静的声音打动了观众。没有什么完美的,但我们会尽量ourbest消除通过不断的研究和发展的缺陷,不仅技术,但在我们的心灵深处。

Skin Art Series is one of the studies carried out by Doctor and his team. It’s purely an experiment plan to explore the rare craftsmanship and show it in an artistic way. The theme of this season is The Art Of Silent, meaning the technique of silence. At a matter of fact, no preparation is perfect, so the process and craftsmanship call for persistent efforts, perfecting skills at the same time perfecting one’s inside.