Ratpack 代表一种优雅经典又不乏新鲜创意的时装风格。其所用的设计材料和品质非一般日常所见且不过度设计。同时提供个人高级定制服务,设计的过程中使用了大量的图案、拼接材料以及色彩的强调,这让 Ratpack 与其他男装品牌不尽相同。

Ratpack inspired from its four founders Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Peter Lawford, who were leaders of gentlemen wearing style in 1960s. The extraordinary materials are put into use without excessive design. It uses a lot of images, fabric inserts and enhanced colors, which set apart this brand of suits from others in male apparel.