que sera sera

que sera sera 从材质、裁剪、制作工艺、细节上都流露出顺应心境,自然而然的态度。设计师把个人的生活体验融入到设计中。以天然的棉、麻、羊毛为主要材质,注重穿着的舒适,随性,不张狂。设计的本真就在于经历过反复推敲与细节处理后返璞归真的无设计状态,生活亦如此,顺其自然而为之。

que sera sera reveals natural and peaceful attitude from material selection, cutting, to process and details. The designer integrates his own life experience into the design. It uses natural cotton, fiber and wool as main materials, focusing on comfort, casual touch and low-profile posture. Through repeated refinements and detail treatments, we manage to turn our design into non-design. It is the same way about life: let nature takes the helm.