ovedanā 取自于梵语,意指:包容、融合,领悟。设计师既有孩子般的专注力、对生命的观察力,又有对未来无限美好的构建力,恰到好处的将女性的动感和活力融入到自己的设计中,在不经意间把握优雅,散发出一种独特的帅性气质。在品牌的设计中,充分体现了以上的特质,整体设计拥有运动的廓形、优雅的结构,简约而充满张力。

With a high-powered concentration, childlike perspective towards life as well as his creative mind towards a wonderful future, the designer Qiu Jianhui perfects the blending of feminine dynamics and vitality into his own design. It embodies a peculiar handsome temperament with a good presentation of subtle elegance. In the design for shaping ovedanā, the above features are put into full display. Concise and expressive, the overall design is distinguished for its dynamic outline and elegant structure.