N3XISM_STUDIO 推崇纯粹主义,注重体现产品功能和内在价值,借鉴纯粹主义的艺术理论,进行原理、功能及工艺的创新,经过复合反应过程来塑造创新的产品。the MAD HATcher 作为 N3XISM STUDIO 旗下专业制帽品牌,将设计的独特性、材料的多样性融在产品中,正如其所坚信的“少数的才能改变世界”。

The sub-brand of headwear MAD HATcher under the home-grown brand N3XISM_STUDIO drew great crowds in recent years, and the popularity of the brand is greatly improved. The quality material is itself a reflection of excellence. Hat of the brand matches with high dense jacquard, each tiny texture is weaved from yarn in layers to create rich gradation and texture.