Muse Handmade

MUSEHANDMADE 2014年10月,素人工匠设计师缪云带着他的手工配饰品牌Muse Handmade,出现在了“时堂 Showroom Shanghai”上。时装界第一次注意到这个具有强烈视觉冲击力的手工皮包——一只只外形完美的立体皮革骷髅,拥有丰富的肌理与细节,于仿真处展现匠心,于恐怖处展现绚烂。

In October 2014, designer Mu Yun presented at Showroom Shanghai with his hand-made accessories brand, Muse Handmade. The fashion world for the first time set their eyes on the hand-made leather bag high in visual impact; it is a leather skeleton with rich texture and details, shining with intimidating splendor.