M essential 所有关于爱的东西都试图找到当前亚洲美学与现代生活的冲突与统一。它主张回到起源的想法,大胆的设计,但注重日常没有刻意迎和的痕迹,寻求自信的方式和主张装扮自己。“所有关于爱”的口号意味着爱释放使脆弱的人变得更坚强,所有的创造物都应该通过爱和分享来感知。优质生活也是属于这部分。

M essential - all about love tries to find the conflict and unity between current Asian esthetics and modern life. It advocates the ideas of going back to origins by letting go the design; focusing on daily life with no trace of deliberate ingratiation; seeking confidence in experience and advocate for dressing for yourself. The slogan “all about love” means that love frees the world and hardens the innermost vulnerability while all creations should be sensed through love and sharing. Quality life is also a part of the slogan’s idea.