K Point

K Point是一家专门从事品牌咨询,商品设计,国际买家,店铺管理和视觉艺术设计等服务的上海公司。 在东京设有分公司,主要服务于中国和日本的时尚和家具品牌。 由于其在海外市场的知名度,它也是欧洲,美国和日本设计师品牌的独家代理商。 K Point的展厅里有不少品牌。

K Point is a Shanghai-based company specialized in such services as brand consulting, commodity design, international buyer, shop management and visual arts design. With a branch in Tokyo, the company mainly serves fashion and furniture brands of China and Japan. It is also an exclusive agent for several European, American and Japanese designer brands, thanks to its great popularity in overseas market. K Point’s showroom runs quite a few brands.