Jun X

Jun X 2009年,以时尚为生命的设计师熊军,在新加坡创立了他的设计师品牌JunX。 JunX意味着力量与优雅的碰撞。 通过柔和的色彩,隐形的边缝,精湛的剪裁技术,JunX充满了艺术和专业的设计元素,将时尚的精髓注入您的身心。 设计风格简单而不影响细节,让您感受时尚,品味和卓越。

In 2009, designer Xiong Jun who takes fashion as his life, founded his designer brand JunX in Singapore. JunX means a collision between strength and elegance. Through soft color blocking, invisible side seam, sophisticated cutting skills, JunX is filled with artistic and commercial design elements, injecting the essence of fashion into your body and mind. The design style is simple without compromising the details, making you feel the fashion, taste and excellence.