Johnstons of Elgin & BBC Jacquard

Johnstons of Elgin & BBC Jacquard 全球两大顶级羊绒制品生产商,一家是来自意大利的loro piana,另一家是来自苏格兰的Johnstons。 埃尔金Johnstons是一个羊绒生产商在一个世纪以来,位于苏格兰边境城镇称为霍伊克。 它以出色的设计和严格的质量控制,生产出一流的时尚围巾,每一件都是经典之作。

Two top producers of cashmere products throughout the world, one is loro piana from Italy and the other is Johnstons from Scotland. Johnstons of Elgin is a cashmere producer for over a century, located on the border town in Scotland called Hawick. It produces top-notch fashion scarfs from outstanding design and strict control on quality, each item is a classic.