Maison JeSo

Maison JeSo 重新定义配饰和国界的理念。塞巴斯蒂安奥利维尔和杰西沈开启了一个全新的jeso旅程,一个全新的设计团队,一个独立设计师品牌。自然流畅的线条设计,醒目的颜色和纹理相结合的时尚观点,从中国和北美洲的商业见解出发,使Maison JeSo不仅是时尚配饰,也是一个新的时尚模式,超越国界。

By redefining accessories and national boundaries, the designer team of Sebastien Olivier & Jessie Shen initiates a brand-new journey of Maison JeSo, an independent designer brand. Smooth and natural design lines, eye-catching color and texture together with fashion perspective and commercial insights from both China and North America make Maison JeSo not only trendy accessories but also a new fashion pattern that goes beyond borders.