Mint to be源自英语“meant to be”,其含义“命中注定”代表独立自信,不被潮流左右的现代女性。Mint to be鞋履从自然与建筑形态中汲取灵感,融入传统手工艺,赋予每一双鞋履经典廓形与精巧细节,让时尚经得起时间的考验。品牌致力于为女性营造一种“Effortless Chic”- 轻松不刻意的美感,让女性回归本我,呈现出一份游刃有余的优雅。


Mint to be comes from English "meant to be", the meaning" predestined", represents independent self-confident women. Inspired from the architecture shapes and natural textures, each pair of Mint to be shoes is made by the meticulous handicraft with exquisite details. The brand dedicates to create an “Effortless Chic” aesthetic and a comfortable elegance to celebrates the inner beauty for modern women.