禧兆头 · By Jane 是一个创立于2010年的原创设计师艺术帽饰品牌。品牌分为全手工高定帽饰和日常时尚趣味帽子两大品类。其独特的设计开劈了中国帽饰领域的很多专利产品。设计师擅长趣味和跨界的设计理念,在她的帽饰上经常可以看到意想不到的材料组合。品牌兼具艺术的调性和经济的价格。她的产品没有年龄界限,模糊职业范畴,仪式感和街头风通过不同的的搭配玩转自如。



XZT · By Jane is a Chinese designer hat brand founded in 2010. The brand is divided into high end handmade millinery and fashionable caps for daily wearing. Its unique design has announced lots of patented products amongst the hat industry. The brand founder, also the designer, Jane is famous for embedding cross-border concept into fun design and the usage of different material combination. The brand has the tone of art while offering only in the most affordable price. Her products do not have age boundaries, blurred professional categories that go with both high end style and street style.