GAOWEI+XINZHAN 力图以时装的方式描绘心灵深处,尽情的发挥对时装设计的绝对执著。洗炼明亮却又没有造作张扬,带有机理的面料同繁复与简洁完美结合、相得益彰,充满异域情调,令时尚在这种不可思议的风貌中流露出经典的浪漫主义。优秀地传达出巴黎高级定制之精致。

GAOWEI+XINZHAN attempt to describe the deepest hearts through fashion, fully leveraging their devotion to fashion design. Clean and Unfussy, textured fabric fits perfectly into complication or simplicity to complement each other to form an exotic feature, revealing the classic romanticism of fashion in such incredible pattern. It skillfully conveys the essence of high-end bespoke in Paris.