EIMISMOSOL,以人类永恒不变的主 题“爱”为创造和设计源泉,让现代女性解 放天性拥抱自我,感受世间最美好的爱  西班牙语中,罗马的反写恰恰是 ROMA=AMOR。设计团队结合西班牙和 意大利罗马两地的时尚元素以展现女性自 信阳光,天真浪漫的时尚魅力,勇敢追寻 爱的表达。全新的设理念使其快速成为当 地年轻人眼中的时尚宠儿。出身时尚世家 的品牌设计师对面料的极致追求让成衣穿 着舒适且愉悦,奢华精致且不乏趣味,赋予现代女性多面特质。

EIMISMOSOL, with the eternal theme of "love" as the source of creation and design, allows modern women to liberate their nature, embrace themselves and feel the best love in the world. In Spanish, the reverse of Rome is exactly: love ROMA= AMOR. The design team combines the fashion elements of Spain and Rome, Italy to show women's self-confidence, sunshine, naive and romantic fashion charm, and bravely pursue the expression of love. The new design concept makes it quickly become a fashion favorite in the eyes of local young people. Brand designers from a fashion family have the ultimate pursuit of fabrics, making ready-made clothes comfortable and pleasant, luxurious, exquisite and interesting, giving modern women multifaceted characteristics.