成立于2017年的设计师品牌SOFITTE,「So, Graffiti」——涂鸦艺术延伸至实用主义,将生活里迸发出无限的灵感融入到服装设计与剪裁,品牌表达出不受束缚的个性潮流,自由无界限的态度,一丝不苟的品质,严谨的制衣精神,使服装注入全新生命力,更致力于设计上对传统的突破。



Sofitte, designer brand founded in 2017, "So, Graffiti" - graffiti art extends to pragmatism, incorporate unlimited life inspiration into fashion design, and the brand expresses an unrestricted personality trend, free and boundless attitude, meticulous quality and rigorous clothing making spirit, inject new vitality into clothing, committed to the breakthrough of tradition in design.