FLO NAKED:设计师张韵文先后在Alexander McQueen、John Galliano等著名品牌实习工作。并于2014成立工作室。FLO NAKED中的Flo为flower的缩写,Naked在英文中意为“裸”。设计师意图通过品牌表达在这个花花世界中要忠于自己,活出美丽的时尚态度。同样品牌设计也坚持特点,保有较强实穿性。

Designer Zhang Yunwen used to work as apprentice under famous brands including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and he set up his studio in 2014. Flo stands for flower while Naked means bare in FLO NAKED. The designer endeavors to express the idea through the brand that one should stay true to himself and live a beautiful life in this wonderful world. In the meanwhile, the brand design also sticks to its characteristics and maintains a high functionality.