CHENG CHENG成立于2020年,曾刊登Vogue,时尚芭莎,嘉人,时装L’Officiel 等; 先后与张靓颖,张碧晨,Amir等展开合作。同年入选中国国际时装周10+3项目,发布品牌两季度系列走秀并入驻上海时装周,成立品牌短短一年设计师程澄就被评为2021 年度新锐时装设计师。 

CHENG CHENG 创始人程澄擅长对绚丽色彩与面料印花肌理的碰撞,融入丰富层次的手工钉珠、刺绣以及对综合材料和现成品的创造,在廓形上将中华美学与西方立体结构相结合,形成在色彩包围之下的当代中华式浪漫之美。程澄提出将服装赋予声音的概念,并创造“声音面料”将服装融入听觉的感知。程澄专注于对中国本土文化的不断探索,励志将蕴含中华民族精神的时尚带向世界。


CHENG CHENG was established in 2020. The brand has published Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, marie claire, L’Officiel, etc.; successively cooperated with Zhang Liangying, Zhang Bichen,Amir, etc. In the same year,CHENG CHENG was selected as the 10+3 project of China International Fashion Week, released the brand's two-quarter series catwalks and settled in Shanghai Fashion Week. In just one year after establishing the brand, designer Cheng Cheng was named the 2021 emerging fashion designer. Cheng Cheng, the founder of CHENG CHENG, is good at the collision of brilliant colors and fabric printing texture, incorporating rich levels of hand-beading, embroidery, and the creation of comprehensive materials and ready-made products, combining Chinese aesthetics with Western three-dimensional structure in profile. The contemporary Chinese romantic beauty surrounded by colors. Cheng Cheng proposed the concept of giving sound to clothing, and created "sound fabrics" to integrate clothing into the sense of hearing. Cheng Cheng focuses on the continuous exploration of Chinese local culture, inspiring to bring fashion that contains the spirit of the Chinese nation to the world. unique clothing. "Sound fabric" presents an audio-visual feast with experimental and dramatic tension.