设计师品牌mirrorball创立于北京,“感受美好设计、体验精致生活”是品牌创立的初衷。让女生出席各式场合都能展现优雅自信,成为人人羡慕的魅力主角。mirrorball girls倡导自信独立,享受生活!

mirrorball, the designer's brand, founded in Beijing with the original intention of "experiencing beautiful design and exquisite life", which make girls/ladies attend can show elegant and self-confidence, and be the charming protagonist when they attend various occasions. what our mirrorball girls are self-confidence, independence and enjoying life!



mirrorball的设计赋予了“摩登精致”与“浪漫复古”新生力,将精致美学与结构和材料相结合,采用轻盈灵动的面料和精湛的手工制作,突显女性线条的廓形感剪裁, 并将时尚与舒适达到完美平衡。

The design of mirrorball endows the new vitality, "modern and exquisite" and "romantic and retro". Combining exquisite aesthetics with structure and materials, it uses light and flexible fabrics and exquisite handwork to give prominence to the tailoring of the silhouette of lady's line, which achieves a perfect balance between fashion and comfort.