JY JIANYA创始人AMY ZHENG将20余年建筑设计观点融汇于服饰艺术。糅合了其在剑桥求学时期所受高贵、平静的艺术基调影响。并加入了现代利落感的都会摩登飒爽色彩。以激光切割为代表工艺,将建筑中线条、纹样、结构、肌理在服饰艺术中显著又巧妙的展现。源于建筑设计素养的精准线条与裁剪细节,让JY JIANYA出品于格调与舒适实穿之中找寻兼容之道。

JY JIANYA通过服饰艺术传达当代女性自我意识和审美独立觉醒后,追求合适至上并能时刻彰显自我标签的精神诉求。与每一位穿梭在摩登都会的女性一同寻找新的灵感与焕然一新的造型。

AMY ZHENG, the founder of JY JIANYA, has integrated more than 20 years of architectural design views into the art of clothing. It combines the noble and calm artistic tone that he received during his studies in Cambridge. And joined the modern and neat sense of urban modern sassy colors. With laser cutting as a representative process, the lines, patterns, structures and textures of buildings are prominently and ingeniously displayed in the art of clothing. The precise lines and tailoring details derived from the architectural design quality allow JY JIANYA to find a way of compatibility in style and comfortable wear.

After JY JIANYA conveys contemporary women's self-awareness and aesthetic independence through clothing art, after awakening, they pursue the spiritual aspirations of being suitable and able to always show their self-label. Find new inspiration and a new look with every woman who travels through the modern city.