YILAN JEWELRY 品牌以新鲜的珠宝设计语言捕捉生活中充满诗意的悸动瞬间,用艺术的视角诠释当代首饰。2020“设计界奥斯卡奖”A设计大奖唯一珠宝设计类金奖的中国品牌,2020首个登陆纽约时代广场的中国轻奢珠宝品牌,受邀参加2021SS米兰时装周、上海时装周。品牌被环球人物、人民视频、ELLE、VOGUE、芭莎、COSMO、嘉人等各大知名媒体广泛报道,受到了众多明星艺人和时尚买手的关注与喜爱。


YILAN JEWELRY 在设计中多结合新科技,同时保留了传统珠宝手工艺,匠心精神与当代新技术的融合突破珠宝设计的刻板印象。探索设计的无限可能——不拘泥于任何设计形式,但注重每一处设计细节,把设计理念融入首饰的每一根线条。


YILAN JEWELRY 认为当代珠宝作为个性的表达,以“美和浪漫”承载首饰,追求有态度、有故事、有生命的设计,并且能够跨越时间的限制,作为情感的载体引起共鸣,连接过去与未来。打造出精致、独特而有温度的轻奢珠宝是 YILAN JEWELRY 始终如一的品牌信念。


YILAN JEWELRY was founded in 2019. The founder, Yilan Liu, graduated from Central Saint Martins with a master degree. YILAN JEWELRY captures the poetry of life, paying attention to the emotional experience derived from jewelry and defining contemporary jewelry from the perspective of art. As the only Chinese jewelry brand winning Gold A’ Design Award of A’Design Award & Competition, YILAN JEWELRY was interviewed by People's Daily Online

, Global People, China Youth Daily and other media.


YILAN JEWELRY believes that contemporary Jewelry is an expression of personality. It is beautiful and romantic, but it is more about attitudes, the stories behind and life itself. The Design always combines with new technology and traditional handicrafts, not being rigid to the form but focusing on details. To create delicate, unique and warm demi-fine jewelry is the consistent brand belief.