PERSUN NO. 即Personal Number。每一个专属编号属于参差多态的我们自己。强调“一体多元,一元多面”的专属个性。品牌解码复古时代元素,以当代面料工艺,重构经典细节。当复古遭遇当代,优雅邂逅先锋,呈现有机统一的时代美感。以天然金属独有的肌理纹路,多元化视觉线条。金属与面料互文,刚性与韧性映衬。以机能通勤打造职装造型,将现代元素线条运用到职装增加机能感,兼具日常通勤及多场合切换的多元化应用。创造专属于PERSUN NO.女孩刚柔并济的未来通勤。


PERSUN NO. refers to Personal Number. Each exclusive number belongs to diverse people. It emphasizes the exclusive personality of "Integrated Diversity, Multi-faceted Diversity". The brand decodes retro style elements, and refactors classic details with contemporary fabric technology. When retro style meets contemporary fashion, elegant style meets fashion pioneer, it presents an organic and unified aesthetic feeling of the times. It deversifies visual lines with the unique texture of natural metal. Metal and fabric are intertextual, with rigidity and toughness setting each other off. To create the business wear styling with functional commuting, and apply the modern element lines to business wear to increase the sense of function, making it achieve diversified application for daily commuting and multi-occasion switching. Create future commuting clothes that belongs exclusively to girls wearing PERSUN NO. coupling hardness with softness.