Miss Queeny (奎妮小姐),来自于北京的年轻珠宝品牌,由一对闺蜜共同创建。Theresa和Zoe都是从小学习美术,从美术班的同学走到珠宝品牌合伙人这条路,除了需要对珠宝行业的喜爱、两人合作的默契之外,同时也彼此欣赏对方身上的特质,彼时的强迫症、固执、爱臭美,都成了今日设计道路上的强心针。


About the Brand

Miss Queeny, a young jewelry brand from Beijing, was founded by Theresa and Zoe, who are besties of each other. Theresa and Zoe were studying art since young, they became jewelry brand partners from art classmates not only because the passion for the jewelry industry, and tacit cooperation, but also they appreciate the trait from each other. The obsessive-compulsive, stubborn, love to boast, all become a shot in the arm on the road of today's design.



    在首饰设计的理念上,Miss Queeny注重表达现代女性独有的刚柔并济的气质,设计上更契合现代女性的时尚追求——“轻材质重设计”,我们推崇女性独立自主的生活态度,注重生活品质,让更多都市女性在追求个人事业的同时,拥有更精致的时尚语言。

Miss Queeny以珍珠作为首饰的主要元素,打破珍珠在传统观念中华贵富丽的刻板印象,希望将珍珠作为年轻女性日常的搭配,突出时尚感,彰显内秀气质。


About the Concept

On jewelry design concept, Miss Queeny insists to express the unique temperament of softness and strength of modern women, and fits the modern women's fashion pursuit in design- “Slight material for design”. We admire women’s attitudes towards independency and quality of life, and we hope city women have a more exquisite fashion language while pursuing a personal career.


Miss Queeny uses pearl as the main elements of jewelry, breaking the showily richly of pearl stereotypes in traditional sense, and hoping pearl as young women daily collocation could highlight the fashion and charming temperament of women.





About the Material

Use natural pearl as the main element, with pure silver and other metal materials.