【 JEWELLUS 谜什 】有关于时间,历史,文明,珠宝,艺术······ 或许能够抽象的解释这一切行为背后的动机。我们所描述的西方与东方世界不是地理上的位置差异,而是看待世界的另一种角度。我的目标是将美学融入生活,令其变得更酷,更有趣,更生动。通过产品的媒介与这个美丽的世界产生一丝关联。我已经放弃了花哨事物的伪装,以换取坚韧与智慧。相比成为别人午餐,做艺术更吸引我。艺术是一种交流,艺术有能力影响你的感受,艺术是一种生活方式。我有幸坐上这趟列车,很高兴你也在。


【 JEWELLUS 】 about time, history, civilization, jewelry, art... May be able to explain the motivation behind all these behaviors in an abstract way. The western and Eastern world we describe is not a geographical difference, but a different way of looking at the world. My goal is to integrate aesthetics into life and make it cooler, more interesting and more vivid. Through the media of products, it has a little connection with this beautiful world. I have given up the disguise of fancy things in exchange for tenacity and wisdom. I'm more attracted to art than to being someone else's lunch. Art is a kind of communication, art has the ability to influence your feelings, art is a way of survival. I'm lucky to be on this train. I'm glad you're here.