CLEAR TO RAIN 源于一次对天气的想象。品牌名取自天气预报术语“晴转 雨”,是一种普遍且真实的自然现象,也代表着变动中的状态。

品牌打破传统对天气的固有看法,通过服装探索人的感受和情绪与环境之间 的微妙联结,希望衣物能给予人被包裹保护的感受,同时带来勇敢坚毅的心 灵力量,自由洒脱的展现自我,真切清晰的看待世界的本来状态。

品牌通过关注天气和环境的变化来追求服装的可持续性,根据不同天气和自 然环境的场景特点选择开发功能性面料并注重面料的舒适和耐穿性。喜爱以 不同的工艺呈现图案设计,结合廓形剪裁进行风格化的表达,创造能够在变 换不定的天气和环境中释放个性的时装。

CLEAR TO RAIN was originated from weather. The brand name was a term of weather forecast. “Clear to rain” is a general natural phenomenon, also a changing state. The brand breaks the traditional way to see clothes and weather, pursuing to understand the world with a real and organic view. 

We explore the interrelationship between nature and individual, feeling the influence of the environment on our emotions, aiming to create clothes giving the sense of safety and confidence, empowering people with brave, ease and free mind to express the true-self. 

The brand cares about climate change, using eco and degradable fabrics, emphasizing making good use of functional fabrics, adapting new technique into design. Prints and colors are the key elements of our design, combining with modern and contemporary silhouettes to make garments both functionally and fashionably for different weather.