BUSS A 9成立于2019年,其中BUSS代表kiss或fire,9代表手枪。我们身处快节奏的高压时代,生活工作压得我们喘不过气。这样的环境中我们仍渴望勇敢的表达自己,渴望打破世俗的束缚与禁锢。我们将情感与想法输出,服装则是我们自由表达的载体。


BUSS A 9 was founded in 2019. Living in the modern society can be hectic to a certain extent, stressed, anxious, and fearing to express itself seem to symbolize the way of living. Under this atmosphere, our brand, BUSS A 9 yields the idea of individual wishing to externalize itself in a strained society, where BUSS symbolizes kiss or fire, and 9 represents gun. We desire to exhibit ourselves via embedding our feelings into design, carried by our clothing, we deliver the liberation spirit of BUSS A 9.