D. MARTINA QUEEN,创立于2017年,是中国独立设计师引领的原创女装轻奢品牌。着力全方位打造现代新女性时尚衣橱,将底蕴深厚的东方传统美学带领至国际时尚长廊。品牌设计灵感源于中国古代丝绸之路,取材中国民族装饰与文化图腾,用料讲究、裁制精巧、色彩华美,完美融合东西经典工艺,灵动展现中华传统文化炽热的生命力。以“应场穿衣”为设计理念,为都市时尚女性打造不同系列衣饰,助现代女性勇敢呈现多面化与立体性,打破桎梏,超越自我。尊古、革新、求变,“深衣”“襌衣”和“尚衣下裳”三大系列,从古代贤人下士所着的常服衣饰上找寻灵感,在与现代设计思路、剪裁式样与新潮元素的碰撞下锐意创新,时尚演绎中国千年文化,呈现“东方亦世界”的独具一格之美,目前,在线上线下结合的新零售模式下,品牌市场不断扩大。


D.MARTINA QUEEN, established in 2017, is an original brand founded by a Chinese independent designer. It aims at providing affordable luxury clothes for women, and fill up their closets with fashionable clothes of different styles. The brand hopes to bring oriental aesthetics rich in cultural contents to the international fashion community. Inspired by China’s Ancient Silk Road, the brand draws upon Chinese ethnic clothing and cultural totem and uses fine fabrics, clever tailoring and bold colours to vividly represent the strength and vitality of Chinese traditional aesthetics. With the concept of “dress-up according to occasions”, the brand makes it its declaration that modern women should be brave and confident to present their multifaceted sides, and to break out of their own shells and pursue what they desire. With an attitude of respecting the culture and finding ways for innovation, the three series of Shen, Dan, YiChang extract inspiration from traditional clothing worn by ancient people, and innovate on concepts, tailoring and styles of design. By combining Chinese thousand-years of aesthetic culture and fashion elements in trend, the brand comes with an ambitious slogan: From the Inside Out, From the East to the World. For the moment, based on the new retailing method by combining online with offline sales, its market is growing quickly.