Colorful Creations 聚焦独立女性的人格崛起,为独立女性打造适合其审美风格和生活方式的轻奢女鞋产品。同受众群体一样,Colorful Creations具有同样独立的品牌人格,“坚持自我,不讨好”是Colorful Creations的品牌观念,专注于极简风格,旨在专注服务于"不取悦他人,只取悦自我"的受众群体。





Independent Designer Brand

Core philosophy of brand: “Persist in yourself, and don’t please others”

Redefine classical shoes for independent women, and integrate art and fashion into minimalism.


Colorful Creations focuses on the personality rise of independent women and creates light-luxury women's shoes that suit their aesthetic style and lifestyle. Like the customers, Colorful Creations has the same independent brand personality. It is the brand philosophy of Colorful Creations to “Persist in yourself, and don’t please others”, which concentrates on the minimalist style and aims at serving the customers who don’t please others, only please themselves