Bouquet Fever

Bouquet Fever品牌成立于2013年。品牌创始人Jing对于影像、电影、电影服装格外着迷。因此品牌服装发布会按设计师的灵感,每一季以某类型影片或者脑海中某一虚拟世界里的人物作为设计主题,延展出一系列服装,并兼顾实穿性和戏剧感。

Bouquet Fever was founded in 2013, and its founder, Jing, is a huge fan of video, movie and movie costumes. To that end, the release of brand clothes each time is themed with a certain type of movie or a virtual character flashing through the designer’s mind. Their products takes into account both the functionality and theatrical feature.