MIIM:这,是对内心的审视和表达。镜像是 MI(mirror)&IM(image),镜像是伴于 面庞的一双耳,镜像是耳垂下的两只耳环,镜像是皮质贴合的两个面,亦是内心 纯净勇敢探寻的自己。当真实与幻梦混沌如氤氲,似是水中化不开的涟漪,记忆 深刻又模糊难存。时空变幻虚无,我们才更需要一面镜子!看到真实的内心,来 释放我们最原始的冲动与意念。

MIIM: This is the introspection and expression of the inner heart. Mirror, it is MI(mirror)&IM(image), it is a pair of ears attached to the face, it is the symmetry of the two earrings under the earlobes; it is like two sides fitting seamlessly; it is also the pure and brave exploration of the ego. When the reality and the illusion mix in chaos, like the endless ripples in the water, the memory is deep and vague, which is so hard to keep. Just because the time and space are changing all the time, because the world is between the truth and nihility, we do need a mirror, a mirror to see the true heart, to release our most primitive impulses and thoughts.

饰品设计:空间与色彩的冲突常给予的灵感,让原本在平面上简单的线条生添了 另一种诠释,再加上细密温暖的牛皮,硬朗的线条也成了温柔的存在,艺术与质 感的融合,几何拥有了自己的态度,并用很原始的方式上演。“镜像”应该是日 常,而日常才有关于艺术。

Accessory design: The conflict between the space and color often bestow inspirations to us. So that it adds another interpretation to the original simple lines on the plane. Coupled with the fine, warm leather, those tough lines even have become a gentle existence. Because of the integration of art and texture, geometry has its own attitude, performed in a nearly primitive way. "Mirror" should be the daily routine. And it is the daily routine that is correlated with the art.