独立设计师品牌EUDAECOME,是“Eudaemonia comes.”中两个词的结合体,意为幸福将至。Logo是开头字母E和U的变形组合,形似两个幸福接吻的侧脸。

EUDAECOME由设计师Judy J创立于2018年5月20日,创立的初衷是将生活中感受到的幸福和美用艺术的形式表达出来传递给更多的人。

“EUDAECOME” is an independent designer brand. The word EUDAECOME, which means eudaemonia comes, is a combination of the two words “eudaemonia” and “come”. The beginning two letters E and U form the logo, shaped like two kissing side faces. EUDAECOME was founded by Shanghai local designer Judy J on May 20, 2018. The original intention is to create eudaemonia and beauty to more people by the form of art.